Why should I shop in BECOOL.ID?

For you who are in tight budget, shopping in BECOOL.ID is a great choice. BECOOL.ID offers various original apparel from well-known brands with reasonable prices.

Why are our products  cheaper than the products from retailers?

BECOOL.ID is established as an online store. We don’t need to pay additional expenses, for example: employee salary, rent, property tax etc. Furthermore, we get our products form first distributors. That is why we can offer the products to you with lower prices.


Are the products original?

100%. BECOOL.ID only sells original products.

What is the guarantee if the product I receive is not original?

We will pay you back 10 times the price you pay.

How can I be sure if the products are original?

You can visit out Testimonial account on Instagram, @becooltestimonial or with hashtag #BECOOLtestimonial. We have sold hundreds of products all across Indonesia.


Can I get a lower price?

Sorry, we can offer you any lower price. We offer the best price in the market. In order to make ordering process faster, we already put the net-price.

Can I pay on the spot, when I get the product?

Please contact our costumer service for further information.